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1-Assaha Lebanese Traditional village Franchise.

   We Assaha Lebanese Traditional village restaurant   believe that the franchise system is the center of business in the new century, as it is considered the best and fastest way for expansion and propagation. We as a Franchisor look for the necessity of providing the services that we offer for the franchisee and include the following addresses.

1. Trade Name
2. Brand
3. Technical knowledge
4. Commercial Identity
5. Experience, good reputation of the brand and credibility
6. Work methods (policies, procedures and instructions...), procedural systems (production, advertising, marketing, administrative, and financial)
7. Property Rights
8. Training
9. Operating Handbook
10. Fiche Technique
11. Architectural and engineering standards (incorporation File)
12. Advantage of the purchasing power of the franchisor
13. Permanent and ongoing escort, plus monitoring the operation
14. Modern ideas that help development (update)
15. Daily work system (typical day)
16. The financial system
17. Sales System
18. Marketing System
19. HR system

   We Assaha Lebanese Traditional village have a group of restaurants and hotels which are distributed in Lebanon, Qatar, Sudan, Kuwait, London and soon in Iraq are looking in our policy to apply humanity and social values to reach our ultimate goal, and to emphasize on working  and developing  in a consistent manner with the culture, without prejudice to the merits, in addition to adopt dialogue and acceptance of criticism and constructive communication for the public interest and to reach excellence in all areas, which is built on love, goodness, kindness, tolerance, openness, beside  embracing the poor and needy people and those with special needs.

   Our main branch is still in Beirut which a part of a large and diverse project that includes a hotel and snack for fast food and multi-purpose halls equipped with the latest cutting-edge technologies that meet all occasions as well as a wellness club for health, sports and beauty. In addition, to that we have butchery shop, house of Arabic poetry, garden, open market and a museum.

2. What distinguishes us in Assaha Lebanese Traditional village:

1. Adoption of the principles of heritage architecture, recycled and sustainable architecture in addition to green architecture in designing and executing  constructions (old sand stones – historical architectural elements - recycling old collectibles and employing it in construction field – embodiment of  the Lebanese village story with all its details in the architectural spaces  - green backgrounds - planting trees doomed to extinction ...)in order to confirm the identity and heritage revival.

2. The project got the Organization of Arab States Award-eighth session of the year 2004 for the architect project.

3.The project won  two awards for the best hotels Engineering and best new hotel establishment in the Arab countries “Best Hotel Architecture Lebanon” and “New Small Hotel Construction & Design “in the “International Hotel awards 2011”, which is based in London, plus “The Best sustainable hotel“ for the hotel  which is located in Sudan.

4. Assaha Hotel got a certificate of 5 star rating "5 stars"

5. Adoption of the principle of functional integration through the employment of people with special needs in Assaha different facilities commensurate with the physical abilities.

6. Adoption of the global franchise system of rapid expansion outside Lebanon in proportion to the new technological breakthroughs and provide full support for it.

7. Obtaining international quality certificate in health and food safety ISO 22000: 2005.

8. Obtaining international quality certificate in quality management system ISO 9001: 2008.

9. Not using any chemical substance in the preparation and submission of dishes (for example, citric acid in the chickpeas or colored pigments).

10. Providing fresh home food “mother food."

11. Adoption of a specialized team in all administrative and operational areas numbering more than 500 employees.

12. Adoption of consultants specialized in legal, financial and information technology fields as well as quality consultants and other specialized in the field of hospitality and food and beverages to assist in the development of the system.

13. Adoption of unified standards in different areas of work, hospitality and services to standardize them in all of Assaha Traditional Village branches.

14. Create a human development project for the benefit of society and address people’s needs.

15. Good reputation, credibility and confidence in the field of tourism, investment and dealing with people.

    Our success is the result of humble clear vision based on the implementation of the planning strategist at the right time, according to the best standards in the various areas of work.
Our objectives are clear and shared with all of our employees who are members of the working group representing the secret of our success, as they are trained and followed up to meet our standards and achieve our aspirations for the satisfaction of our customers at all times.

1-Acquaintance letter
2-FDP#2  Criteria’s
3-FDP#3  Module & Prices 
4-FDP#4 M.O.U Memorandum Of Understanding
5-FDP#5  Legal Agreement
6-FDP#6  Design manual and standards of the foundations of design and architectural program
7-FDP#7  Construction manual 
8-FDP#8  Supervision 
9-FDP#9  Brand Identity manual(146 items)
10-FDP#10 Organizational and administrative structure  of the institution manual
11-FDP#11 Equipment manual according to the   organizational and administrative structure of the institution
12- FDP#12  Fiche technique manual: The ingredients (receipes) of the plates adopted in the menu and the preparation methods
13-FDP#13 Training manual  according to the organizational and administrative structure of the institution
14-FDP#14  Operation manual  according to the   organizational structure and administrative  of the institution
15-FDP# 15 Branch audit manual (internal and external audit) according to the organizational and administrative    structure of the institution
16-FDP#16  Mystery ShopperThrough consultants specialized in the field 
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